Climate: The avoidance of the worst impacts and consequences that climate change creates, means we need to both significantly reduce emissions which fuel global warming – but also look to ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Smart: Photosynthesis sucking C02 out of the air and into plants and trees is a Nature Based Solution in its own right. But then heating biomass in a low-oxygen environment (pyrolysis) to create biochar – or carbonised organic material for use in rebuilding soils, water filtration, land remediation and a myriad of other applications is ingenious.

Biochar: The role and potential of biochar as a climate change solution ‘drawdown’ and its long-term stability in the environment (especially soils) is crucial to both rewind the past and to create a foundation for future positive carbon behaviour.

Biochar is uniquely placed as a carbon capture and storage material. It also fulfils 12 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to transform the world by 2050.